Introducing the Virtual Window

Hello everyone.
I'm Yuki (Twitter @marosiy).

I create "Virtual Window".
I want to introduce it.


We have a risk that we have to live away from family for many reasons.
For example we are forced to stay somewhere because of Coronavirus infection.

Especially in japan not a few people live away from family because of their job.
Unfortunately my father have to do that from April 2020.

I’m afraid of amount of conversations decreasing between my father and family.
So I create the Virtual Window.

How it works

It consists of a lot of wireless computers.

  1. IoT device

2. Aggregator

3. Android tablet

Now situation

In house A
When Someone sits on a chair that a IoT device was installed on, A signal was sent to Android tablet that is in house B.

In house B
When Android tablet receive a signal, it play a video of same person sitting down.

If my father want to talk to the person, he can start video call only to tap a button as if talked to next to the person.

It’s the same the other way around.


Protect privacy
Virtual Window only use a pressure data of chair. not camera. So user don’t feel it as security camera.

Now Virtual Window detect sitting in front of tablet using pressure data. However connecting other IoT sensor, it can detect other situation. For example to come home, cooking and so on. If user wants to know that a partner come home, he only have to install sensor on entrance door.

Android tablet is all day ON and play Gif.
The Virtual Window show user’s status as GIF. not picture. GIF animation is little bit move. Thanks to it, user can feel it as real landscape like video call. The Virtual Window focuses on human emotion thorough.

Low energy
I adopt low energy wireless computer “TWELITE”. So user only have to change battery yearly.

Network friendly
Virtual Window send “seat down” or “not seat down” information. Then tablet receive it and play GIF. It don’t exchange realtime video data. So its data usage is very low.

That’s all my introduction. Here is short video.

Thank you. / I created Human Powered Airplane in 2019!